letskeepitcuteandsimple asked:

what kind of camera and lens do u use?

I use a nikon d5100 with two kit lenses (18-55mm and 55-200mm), which do a pretty good job and a f2.8 prime lens with 40mm, which is cool because its a “micro” lens (yeah its micro not macro) and u can focus really close to the subject (about 3cm between lens and subject). 

I can really recommend this lens, because its cheap and super functional

all in all I have quite simple equipment and I try to get the most out of it :)


Update 2

Omg I cant imagine, that I got on the tumblr radar!?!?

I’m thanking everyone for following and supporting me. It’s so awesome, that I can reach a bigger audience now and I will keep sharing my work with everyone.

Thanks to tumblr and lensblr network for beeing so awesome!